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Conselle: Image Consultants Cluster

Conselle currently offers eight image management clinics dealing with a wide range of image needs. The image management professional is a "specialist" carrying out a private "practice."

The concept of fashion and image "clinics" is a natural expansion of our consulting work. All of these innovative clinics are the result of extensive market research, development, testing, consumer feedback, working out the bugs, refining the procedure and communication, and so on.

The clinics will augment existing image evaluation services, reinforcing Conselle's reputation as the most comprehensive image management company worldwide, sensitive to the need for practical and personalized services, divided according to consumer interest, time, and budget constraints.

Clinic Packages

Book your appointments within your time and budgetary discretion--once a week, once a month, or all at once. View the variety of Image Management Clinics that Conselle offers.

  1. Lifestyle Clinic
    • The Power of Personal Appearance
    • Personal Lifestyle Evaluation
    • Personal Values Evaluation
    • Life Cycle Clothing Needs
    • Professional Image Types
    • Goals Assessment
    • America's Going Down the Tube in a T-shirt
    • Additional Discount on Purchase of Resource Material
  2. Wardrobe Evaluation Clinic
    • Personal Interview
    • Wardrobe Evaluation
    • Closet Cleanout
    • Cluster "Sort"
    • Cluster Plansheets
    • Cluster Planning
    • Shopping List
    • Closet Reorganization
    • Additional Discount on Purchase
  3. Cluster Planning Clinic
    • Cluster Your Clothes
    • Cluster Plansheets
    • Coordinated Outfits Plansheets
    • Shopping List
    • Personalized Cluster Plans
    • Love Plus Logic
    • Trendsletter
    • Additional Discount on Purchase of Resource Material
  4. Fit & Fashion Clinic
    • Personal Figure Evaluation
    • Figure Variation Checklist
    • Fit Tip Guide Sheet
    • Quick Fit Style Selection
    • Dress Slim / Sew Slim
    • Style With Comfort & Ease
    • Fabric Resource List
    • Additional Discount on Purchase of Resource Material
  5. ColorSense Clinic
    • ColorSense for the New Millennium
    • Personal Color Evaluation
    • Personal Color Perception
    • Color Wheel
    • Psycho-Physical Effects of Color
    • Personal Color Selection
    • Additional Discount on Purchase of Resource Material
  6. Makeover Clinic
    • Face Shape Evaluation
    • Skin Care Evaluation
    • Makeup Evaluation
    • Makeup Makeover
    • Hair Care & styling Evaluation
    • Beauty Tools & Equipment Quick Reference Guide
    • Makeup, Makedown, Makeover Quick Reference Guide
    • Brush Up on Hair Care
    • Additional Discount on Purchase
  7. Personal Style Clinic
    • Personal Style Evaluation
    • Personality Trait Evaluation
    • Degrees of Difference
    • Elements of Design & Personal Style
    • Personal Style Grids
    • Personal Values Evaluation
    • Personal Style File
    • All Things Are Possible
    • Additional Discount on Purchase of Resource Material
  8. Image Evaluation Clinic
    • The Low-Down on Dressing-Down
    • Professional Image Types
    • Personal/Professional Style Scale
    • The Power Look
    • Public Persuaders
    • 200+ Point Professional Image Profile
    • Image Makers and Image Breakers
    • People Watching Pays Off
    • Additional Discount on Purchase of Resource Material


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