Favorite Quotes From University Program Participants

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"This is to extend sincere appreciation from the staff of the Career Placement Services for your splendid "Dressing for Career Fair Success" seminar."

"We were delighted with the professionalism and enthusiasm you demonstrated, and I’m sure that these attributes translated well into the needs of the students who attended. I’m amazed at the subtle distinctions you drew relative to dress and behavior and the importance of them to career success."

"Giving these students that "competitive edge" that helps to make them more successful is a doctrine that we try to emphasize in our day-to-day contacts. But your counsel was so much more refined and sophisticated than we are able to offer that I’m sure the students will benefit more substantially from it."

"Thank you again for your great service to Career Placement and to the students."
R.D.C. Career Fair Chairman

"You already know this. I really didn't want to come. They made me. It was great. I couldn't believe I actually enjoyed it and learned so much. I won't fight looking good anymore. You gave me answers that make sense."
Justin Stanley
Rochester, NY

"Best seminar I attended at the conference!"
Trudy Lundstrom
Tucson, AZ

"I was afraid I couldn't afford the cost of professional looking clothes. You showed me how it's possible. Thank you for caring."
Don Melville
Seattle, WA

"I enjoyed very much, the whole presentation and the difference it made on my own personal outlook."
Judy Metzler
Pittsburgh, PA

"She is educated, polished, articulate and generous with her knowledge. She is a role model for new professionals."
Judith Ann Graham
New York, NY

"Before the presentation began, I looked at the props and thought, ‘Oh no, not another Find Your Colors and Make Yourself Pretty lecture!' But it quickly became clear that you were different! This was really down to earth, useful new information! I had a ball and can hardly wait to put my new knowledge to work!"
Barbara Luke
Provo, UT

"Great stuff. I never knew this was important before. I gotta tell a few people about this!"
Greg Hoffman
Pittsburgh, PA

"This ‘Style Scale' thing, it makes a lot of sense. I can really see the how it relates to my own life. The whole presentation made sense. I even see fashion in a whole new way now. I think maybe I can use it to my advantage now."
Daniel Hawthorne
San Diego, CA

"Judith has created unparalleled educational materials and a wide range of seminars relating to image awareness and image improvement. Her expertise and range are extraordinary."
Cynthia Skari
Denver, CO



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