Quotes From Clients and Retreat Participants

Conselle: Image Consulting Couple

"I have been reading your book for the past couple of weeks. It contains the most thorough and solid information comparing to all the other books. Take a look at the following list of books I read...I almost turned Southern California's libraries upside down. I also searched through the Internet...your books, videos and website are matchless."
Min Shuai
Alhambra, California

"Judith, I can't begin to thank you for all your time and work with me. I just had too many clothes. I just couldn't cope with all that visual noise in my closets any longer... This has helped me to think more about what I really like. Oh, and the cluster we put together for the Canadian trip was perfect!"
Carolyn Antle
San Francisco, CA

"I can't say enough about how much better Judi made me feel about myself. Her fashion therapy has worked more magic than anyone I have ever listened to. I feel great about myself!... "
Evangeline Morse
Cincinnati, OH

"The program has been extraordinary. It far exceeded my expectations. I appreciate all your time, years and efforts in putting it together. I feel confident that I can put it to good use."
Judylee Ledo
Nashville, TN

"What a wonderful weekend. We so enjoyed your presentations and it was such a pleasure to visit with you informally. I feel you are a true friend now."
Jean Pickett
Springfield, IL

"I was amazed that you would spend so much time with me, and delighted with your selection and personal notes throughout. Thank you so much. Laura (my teenage daughter) and I enjoyed your sessions so much. It was so neat to do it together and we've had more fun shopping for our ‘dress slim' clusters. We learned so many practical tips that we really use!"
Bonnie Mottson
Salt Lake City, UT

"Again, may I tell you what a joy you are. You are a lovely human being and I enjoyed your workshop immensely. I believe God wants you doing exactly what you are doing. I learned a great deal. Thank you again."
Kathleen H. Burns
Deep River, CT

"I learned so much and my husband has been very patient. I threw away that awful navy blue dress and replaced it with a much more adaptable two-piece dress. Since then I have been adding pieces to my cluster. How nice to really have several items to mix and match. I have become very aware of the sloppy look on so many people. I feel good when I know I have dressed carefully rather than just throwing on anything!! That's all thanks to you and the fact you didn't seem to judge me and tell me that I'd look better without all my weight."
Ruth May
Albuquerque, NM



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