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Image Consulting: Conselle Building

An individual inquiring about entering the image field wrote, “I assume all image trainings are about the same—teaching the same things in pretty much the same way.” Not at all. All image consulting training programs are NOT the same. Remember, “When you don’t know what you don’t know, you don’t know what you’re missing.”

Credibility in Image Consulting: The Conselle Institute of Image Management offers you an educational training program. Conselle qualifies as an actual post-secondary school in image management careers. Conselle also qualifies to credit 12-17 Continuing Education Units (CEUs) upon request, as authorized through the Association of Image Consultants International (AICI).

Facility for Image Education: The Conselle Institute has its own unique campus location. The spacious Learning Center provides a reception room, classrooms, resource room, library, fashion rack room, project room, lunchroom, and relaxation room for nutrition-breaks during the day. Step outside and take in the view of our amazing 12,000 foot high mountains.

Image Consulting: Judith Rasband

Principal Image Educator: Laugh and learn with Judith Rasband as she applies 14 years of university teaching experience in the classroom, having originated coursework in the social-psychological aspects of dress and image and advanced coursework in the artistic aspects related to personal style and wardrobe strategies. She adds to that, 25 years of actual international experience with individual clients, corporate, academic, civic, and government groups. The first to offer an Educational-Training in Image Management, Judi’s inexhaustible, high-energy attention is a marvel to all who attend the sessions.

Image Consultant Contact Hours: The larger number of valuable contact hours indicate Conselle’s commitment to you and to excellence in your preparation. Transportation time and delightful dining hours together ensure your safety, comfort, and bonding with your new colleagues.

Demonstrative Teaching Applied to Image Consulting: Conselle educators are skilled in the unique use of hands-on visuals and the incredible half-million dollar fashion collection—clothes and accessories demonstrating the application of all concepts and strategies. You will develop demonstrative teaching skills.

Image Consulting Course Content: Conselle offers you complete foundation concepts and a unique framework that positions and guides related concepts and their application. You progress line upon line, precept upon precept.

  • The set of Universal Effects of image on the individual is Conselle’s uniquely essential starting point for understanding and applying the art and science of dress and image management.
  • Image Consulting: Filebox
  • You’ll come away with new knowledge or a fresh look at knowledge you thought you knew. You will gain a sure grasp of why this knowledge is indeed so important as applied to the individual and within society. Yet you will grow beyond your expectations regarding Conselle’s unique language of dress and image as communicated through specific use of the elements and principles of design.
  • You will acquire a sure appreciation for the complete set of Wardrobe Strategies unique to Conselle, as they simplify the complex web of variables between the physical body, the psyche, society, and design.
  • You will marvel at the brilliance attributed to the Personal/Professional Style Scale and its ease of application to everyday dress according to individual roles and goals. It’s exactly the tool you need to deal with today’s business casual issues, the confusion and conflict.
  • You will love the fun and confidence building interactive exercises used to solidify concepts and strategies.
  • You will appreciate and learn from the globally diverse range of students coming from all across the United States, Canada, Mexico, South America, Europe, Asia, Africa, India, and the Middle East.
  • You will be amazed by the size of the filebox that holds your myriad of materials. You receive virtually everything you need to start up your business and move up the ladder of success, complete with box-list for easy access.
Image Consulting: BBB

Quality Reputation in the Image Consulting Industry: Conselle was the first professional image organization to offer an Educational-Training in Image Management careers, building a reputation for accuracy and integrity. Methods and materials are continually being refined and advanced. Certification reflects something more than just sitting in a chair for a number of days. When people learn you have studied and certified with Conselle, they know you have accomplished something substantial to your credit.

Take Control of Your Image Consulting Career Preparation:

In today’s highly mobile and volatile global economy, preparing for your career is too important to leave to chance! Conselle provides an image education you can truly afford to invest in—a lifetime investment you’ll never lose.

  • Steer clear of mediocrity. Beware of “fast track” trainings that provide only part of what you need to succeed in the image industry. Cliché concepts and cookie-cutter systems are not acceptable. The highest price doesn’t guarantee high quality. Move beyond the pretense of international offices. A “Diploma” for an incomplete program is worthless.
  • All educational training expenses are legally tax deductible, including all materials, meals, and travel costs. Your investment can be written off as a business expense. We instruct you about additional tax deductions.
  • There are no stringent pre-requisites to attending Conselle’s Educational-Training—except a genuine interest in the field of image management and a willingness to make the commitment required for this full-service Educational-Training in Image Management.
  • Image Consulting: Fun at Sundance
  • Investigate Conselle’s Educational Training in Image Management, then compare, compare, compare! You’ll discover that Conselle is recognized by many as the pre-eminent image education organization in America—indeed worldwide. Currently, Conselle is the only image education organization that prepares you to be the real expert—to know the WHY behind the What!
  • Review Conselle’s full-service, comprehensive curriculum presented over 15 days. Image information is organized and presented in units or modules with comprehensive image information arranged or layered sequentially to facilitate learning and retention. If family or employment obligations require, you can register for a week at a time or attend selected units as needed.
  • Educational-Trainings are generally offered four times a year, depending on Conselle’s work load. To protect Conselle’s personalized, tutorial, and interactive class format and to facilitate bonding, admission is generally limited to four or five participants. In the case of international students with English as a second language, we may limit participants to three to better meet the needs of all participants. If a session is full and you are anxious to get started, another session may be scheduled if you are able to provide at least three participants. Again, contact Conselle and together, we can explore your options.
  • Image Consulting: Topics Guide
  • After you have registered for Conselle’s Educational-Training, you will receive our pre-session Welcome Package of information, instruction, and materials to get you started even prior to coming. Upon receiving your travel information, we will book your airport shuttle and reserve your Marriott Residence Inn rooms, receiving our discounted rate. Upon arrival for the session, you will receive a complete and detailed, minute-by-minute, hour-by-hour schedule for each day of the program, still allowing flexibility according to need.
  • When you join with Conselle for these 100 + hours of well-crafted content, you will study and learn about all aspects of image—physical, psychological, social, and artistic aspects as adopted by AICI for all image professionals—receiving powerful strategies that will jump-start your career or re-invigorate your existing image career. You’ll return home ready to hit the road running!
  • You can achieve your ambition with Conselle’s Educational-Training in Image Management, designed specifically for adult learners. You become fluent in words and manner that reflect respect for your clients. You become able to recognize, appreciate, and honor their individuality. You become part of a supportive, image education institute that values and builds on all the “right stuff” for all the right reasons.

  • Image Consulting: License Certificate

  • As a Conselle affiliate, you will be educated and licensed to present all the Conselle seminar materials and client Clinic materials. You will receive a Certificate of Attendance. Certification of Achievement will be issued upon completion of a set of exercises and a portfolio sent to Conselle for evaluation, then returned with remarks.
  • If necessity demands a Home Study Program and because you don’t want to miss out on Conselle’s incredible assemblage of visual aids and demonstration wardrobes, we highly recommend an on-site visit as the conclusion of our Home Study Program. Contact Conselle and together, we can explore your options.
  • Taken a training course that didn’t deliver? Get in line for Conselle’s 15-day Educational-Training. Judith is sought after as the coach to image consultants seeking de-tox or rehab help after receiving incomplete information and inaccurate concepts or unreliable systems. If you want to survive and thrive in the image business, we can build you back up better than before.
  • It is said the height of flattery is to be copied — and Conselle material has certainly been copied. Certainly not ethical, legal, nor fair to the student, the copy is seldom as correct or good as the original. Make every effort to make sure you get the original. (Anyone who would like to use portions of Conselle’s intellectual property for an educational purpose, simply ask. Permission is nearly always granted with credit to source.)
Image Consulting: IMG 0195

Twelve More Great Reasons To Work With Conselle

  1. We’re more polite than Stacy or Clinton.
  2. With Conselle, you don’t need a number of different courses. You get it all!
  3. Class size is small, so you get personalized attention.
  4. At Conselle you experience a dynamic learning environment.
  5. With Conselle, you’re not limited, locked in, or labeled!
  6. Conselle achieves an exciting mix of logic and magic!
  7. We strike a balance between common sense and creativity.
  8. Conselle is synonymous with accuracy, trust, and completeness.
  9. For the person looking for a more personal approach, Conselle measures up.
  10. All client consultation Clinics are logical, replicable, and explainable.
  11. Receive a national listing of image industry associations and contacts.
  12. Conselle faculty and staff members are friendly, sensitive, and supportive over the long haul!

Add to that, we have a lot of serious FUN!

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