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Become an image consultant by investing in all the “right stuff” for all the right reasons! Conselle’s 15-day Educational-Training in Image Management Careers is the world’s most comprehensive and complete, full - service image education program available. The Conselle Institute passes all requirements as a registered post-secondary school in image management—the first worldwide.

We have what you’re looking for to become an image consultant — all the parts and pieces of the image puzzle you need to succeed in the image industry. Conselle’s Educational-Training program provides the foundation on which to build your image career, complete with the reproducible framework to make it work for you and your clients.

We strive to promote a passion for learning, to nurture the heart and soul of learning — engaging the interest and passion of the participant, and that could be you. To assist your learning, Conselle has created the only fully-integrated Educational Training in image consulting available.

Image Consulting course materials include professional, peer - reviewed fashion textbooks by Judith Rasband, including Wardrobe Strategies, published by Fairchild Books, the world’s largest fashion publisher. Wardrobe Strategies is used extensively as the study text in preparing to take the AICI FLC certification exam.

Throughout the image consulting program there is a continued application of your new knowledge and skills to achieve practical results with benefits your clients can see immediately. Original interactive exercises and activities are deliberately structured to allow you to put into practice what you have just learned about.

Core Competencies for Conselle’s Educational-Training in Image Management include the following topic areas of study. At Conselle, you will progress from beginning through advanced information in an orderly and integrated sequence, allowing you to begin your business with a high degree or level of professionalism. You go beyond the books, into the realm of application and hands-on experience with concepts and strategies that apply to men, women, teens, and children.

I. Technical Knowledge for the Image Consultant

Image Consulting: Knowledge Wheel
  • Psychological Aspects of dress and image, with a focus on the effects of image as it influences the self concept, values, personality, and behavior.
  • Social Aspects of dress and image, with a focus on the functions of dress, non-verbal communication through dress, fashion trends, etiquette, roles and goals.
  • Physical Aspects of dress and image, with a focus on body or figure traits, body language, and grooming or hygiene
  • Artistic Aspects of dress and image, with a focus on the elements and principles of design in dress, namely style line and shape, color, texture, and pattern selection and coordination
  • Personal Style with a focus on the Style Scale® and the Yin-Yang Continuum
  • Wardrobe Management with a focus on wardrobe evaluation, cluster planning, closet organization, clothing care, and personal shopping.

II. Professional Preparation & Development for the Image Consultant

Image Consulting: Professional Wheel
  • Clientele, with a focus on potential target or niche markets.
  • Programs, with a focus on group lectures, seminars, and workshops.
  • Services, with a focus on individual consultations or clinics.
  • Products, with a focus on product development, acquisition, and distribution.
  • Public Relations, with a focus on establishing your brand identity.
  • Marketing, with a focus on promotions and events.

III. Business Management for the Image Consultant

Image Consulting: Business Management Wheel
  • Organizational Aspects of business, with a focus on form or structure, location, financing, resources and related professionals, professional associations, and professional publications.
  • Management Aspects of business, with a focus on ethics, positioning and strategic planning, equipment and supplies, legal issues, management styles and skills, sales, accounting and record keeping, and business travel.

IV. Lifestyle for the Image Consultant

Image Consulting: Personal Wheel
  • Lifestyle and personal maintenance aspects with a focus on balance include sleep, exercise, nutrition, family time, spiritual growth, home management, private time, reading, research, creative, friends, family entertainment, and family travel. Several of these aspects may be in place quite naturally, while others may need to be prioritized and planned for specifically.

(If this listing appears familiar, it is because Conselle’s general Core Competencies were adopted by AICI (the Association of Image Consultants International) in 2008. For related and sequential sub-topics, order the Topics Guide to Image Management Careers, available from Conselle.)

While high educational standards and expectations provide healthy motivation for learning, we strive to develop your ability to learn how to learn. Considering the diversity of learners who attend Conselle’s Educational-Training program, we are prepared with a variety of integrated teaching methods, strategies, and visual aids crafted specifically for visual, auditory, and kinesthetic learners.

Teaching methods are appropriate for multicultural and multilingual learners, however we highly recommend that international students both speak and understand English prior to enrolling. If needed by international students, translators are available for hire. Notify Conselle prior to your session if you need to engage a translator.

Again, to promote a passion for learning and greater personal development, we strive to stimulate your enthusiasm for the topics we present by tailoring subject matter to your interests and lead thought provoking class discussions. In learning, when you enjoy the process, you make more progress. What is unknown or advanced to others is just basic at Conselle. Add to that, we aim to introduce elements of fun and surprise into the entire program. We laugh a lot!

Becoming knowledgeable in image management can lead to earning a good living—a great lifestyle. Hundreds of billions of dollars are being spent by businesses, colleges and universities, government agencies, and individuals worldwide on educational programs for personal and professional development. The time is right to prepare and position yourself for success in the image industry!

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