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"As a celebrity speaker, Judith Rasband captivated her audiences......"
Anna Hobbs, Canadian Living Editor
Toronto, Canada

"You are wonderful! You're also attractive, well dressed, and well informed. Add to that, creative, warm, friendly and an excellent presenter. We were just delighted with everything about you and we want you to know that you are appreciated. I had only seen you in one seminar, and you're even greater than I remembered. Comments were most enthusiastic! Thank you for coming and for being you."
Anne Davis, Program Chairman
Flint, MI

"My sister and I attended all of your classes [at the Expo]. I was so enthralled with the approach that you bring to the class. Your carriage, the way you hold yourself, the no-nonsense information, and with the education and confidence to back it up. The words just don't even cover the impression, the gift that you offer. I feel so blessed to have been in the classes. I hope and pray you will come back. The time and money were so worth the investment. You nudged me out of the box."
Theresa Granger
Ft. Worth, TX

"Your tapes "Five Easy Pieces" bring to life ideas about dressing your personal style without being constrictive or confining. I watch them with my 11 year old daughter, Christiana to look at the ideas for learning to cluster her own clothing. It helps her get dressed faster for school with a more pulled together look. And, I definitely use it as a threat when she comes out of her room looking "weird" or as she calls it, "retro." I laughingly ask her "Do we need to watch Five Easy Pieces again?" She always answers "no" and runs to change."
Eleanor Ponder

"I had such a wonderful, inspiring, informative learning experience at the workshop in Costa Mesa. I'm so glad you're willing to take the time to travel around and share your talent and expertise with those of us who are so eager to learn. But you are more than just a talented expert. You have such warmth and you know how to make people feel good about themselves—what a special gift! You also have such a unique flair in the way you present your lectures and workshops so that they are at once entertaining, informative, and motivating!"
Marilyn Beck
Alta Loma, CA

"Yours was the most fabulous class I've ever taken–and I'm a graduate in the fashion field."
Lexie von Yeast
St. Louis, MO

"My friend and I attended your workshop. This was the best class I've ever attended. The knowledge you imparted to us all was remarkable. Your good cheer and patience made our class very easy to enjoy"
Joan Brook
Shinglehouse, PA

"I heard so many rave reviews of your seminar, I had to come for myself. And I wasn't disappointed! Your program rates ‘Best of Show'!"
Helen Simpson
Portland OR

"Dear Judith, Thank you for the inspirational presentation you gave in Dallas. It is difficult to articulate the how and why, but your talk turned on a light for me. I retired from a wonderful career and moved to be near to my grandchildren. I have filled my life with new and exciting activities that I never had time for before...I thought it was absolute freedom to get up and go in the morning sans hot rollers, makeup, suit, and heels. Because I never had much in the way of play clothes, I find myself dressing in 'early grunge' mode and down the tube in a t-shirt. In spite of all the positives in my life, I felt like something was wrong...

While you were talking, it was like you were saying things I was supposed to hear. I now believe that some of the things I am feeling uneasy about stem from my not dressing in a way that enhances my appearance or supports my self-esteem. I'm going to work to correct this and will let you know how it goes. By the way, I will see you in February, as I plan to attend your seminars in Huntsville. Thanks Again."
Donna Hewes
Dallas, TX

"I am so glad that you're here. Your classes have influenced my life and my family's. We have learned so much. Thank you for sharing. You are a very special sister, a very pretty woman, and an amazing ‘grandma'."
Audrey Munton
San Jaun Capistrano, CA

"She has provided a true service in helping to expose and correct much of the misinformation and incorrect ‘gimmicks' about appearance promoted in recent years, and does so without being negatively critical or substituting other gimmicks. She has a ‘touch' that shows genuine interest in the well-being of the user......"
Marian L. Davis, Professor & Author
Tampa, FL

"I must admit, I went to the seminar with a ‘ho-hum' attitude and came home thrilled with a fabulous ‘young' woman named Judith with an idea just as fabulous. I enjoyed the whole day and certainly hope to be fortunate enough to learn even more from you someday."
Florence Stoutenburgh
Arlington, VA

"Words cannot express my appreciation to you! Everywhere I go women tell me how much they enjoyed your presentation and how much they learned. You were such fun and full of life. Thank you for taking the time to share your knowledge with us."
Barbara Johnson

"At last, a concept about wardrobing that makes sense! When are you coming back? I want more!"
Carol C. Clark
Columbia, SC

"Just a quick note to thank you for your classes. I have attended your seminars for many years and have used your ideas for the style file and creating clusters. I just want you to know you have had a positive impact on my and ability to select clothing to accomplish my goals. You have so much to give that we need to learn. What you're doing is so important."
Judy Draper
Provo, UT

"Your videos are beyond marvelous! My five daughters pass them around."
Bobbie Gilroy
Draper, UT

"Judi was great! Energetic, enthusiastic, interesting, informative, and very entertaining. I learned a lot!"
Bobbie GilrLinda Wood
Pittsburgh, PA

"I love your concepts and methods. I bought your books 18 months ago. As a professional dressmaker and fashion consultant, I feel my income has doubled."
Elaine Reick
Costa Mesa, CA

"She's the best teacher we've had and we've been here for two days. We just went and signed upf or all her other classes."
Loronda Schuler
Marshall, MN



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