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Fashion & Image Mythbuster #1: The all-time high goes to this one. It's a myth passed on by virtually every color consulting diva and fashion reporter in the world because they don't know and understand anatomy. The myth they claim, "We all have warm OR cool undertones in our skin." Wrong.

Let's get it right. Every body has both warm overtones AND cool undertones. That's anatomy!

  • Every body has warm orange overtones in the skin, due to the body pigment melanin present in the surface layers of our skin. There is no such thing as warm undertones.
  • Every body has cool blue undertones, present in the oxygen-poor blue blood-flow in the veins beneath. Every body has blue undertones-or they're dead! (Smile)
  • The apparent warmness or coolness of our skin depends on how much melanin is present in the surface layers of our skin. The blue undertone is always there. When the skin is thicker or more heavily pigmented with melanin, the blue undertone just doesn't show through as much.
  • You can expect the orange overtone to increase with exposure to ultra-violet rays, a tanning process that stimulates the production of more melanin in our skin. Generally, as our skin becomes darker orange to brown, less blue blood-flow shows through. Individuals with little melanin in their skin seldom get a tan, but burn more easily.
  • The term "skin tone" is exactly right, because orange is dulled or muted by its complementary color blue, which "tones" down the apparent intensity of our skin.


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