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Image author Judith Rasband predicted the business casual downtrend, reduced productivity and civility in the workplace, the current drop in retail clothing sales, and the domino effect on related businesses.

Now, director of the Conselle Institute of Image Management, Rasband has created the first real dress code ever devised— the solution to confusion and conflict associated with America's casual-sloppy and sexy dress.

The new dress code is presented on Conselle's Personal/Professional Style Scale™, a graphic presentation of the four levels of dress, ranging from tailored to untailored. Rasband can reduce a 4, 8, or 12 page company dress policy to one page that makes sense and is easy to understand and apply, with options for occupation, location, individuality, comfort, cost, and care.

The new dress code comes complete with clothing clues, not secret but previously undiscovered by consumers, fashion designers, or retailers. It took a teacher to define and reveal the clues. It's a code you will want to study. Once you recognize the clues and break the code, dressing for your role and goal is easy! It's not about fashion, it's about success, function, and fun! It's a game, with you the winner—the survivor in today's economic crunch!

Retailers and catalog companies are licensing with Conselle to use the Style Scale™ in the presentation and promotion of their clothing lines. Small businesses and large corporations are signing up for Conselle's Image Advantage™ seminar, consulting, and coaching services with a Win-Win result for everyone!



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