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Business Casual Dress Code: Image Consultant Business Meeting

Do you need a customized program for your next meeting, conference, convention, retreat, or in-house training? Or, do you need personal help with your professional image? Either way, Get the Low Down on Business Casual Dress Code Issues.

Conselle provides a full range of image-related educational-training and services essential for individuals in the workplace, their companies, organizations, and associations.

Conselle image management professionals guide you in recognizing, understanding, and appreciating the value of appearance and non-verbal communication to self and others. They provide direction in the development of a successful business casual dress code, image improvement, and continued management program—it's Image Management from the inside out.

Conselle also offers lasting solutions to everyday appearance challenges, increasing personal and professional effectiveness–enhancing credibility, attracting and holding attention, advancing ideas, instructions, and goals–and ultimately achieving a better bottom line for all.

Comprehensive seminars cover:

  • Survey results from 500 firms
  • Sensitive solutions to business casual dress code issues
  • Easy-to-use guidelines for all levels of professional dress
  • The innovative and fully illustrated Style Scale™
  • and include a Business Casual Dress Code Policy Development option appropriate for the specific industry and corporate culture.

General Overview of Business Programs:

Corporate, Agency, & Organization Programs are outlined in terms of purpose, types, topics available, and participant materials. Topics are described in brief.

Featured Program/Seminar Topic:

"Image Advantage", a most timely program for professionals at all levels, describing business casual dress code in detail.

Featured Articles:


Comments from seminar participants about business casual dress code issues.



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