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Stuff and Nonsense: The image consultant world is full of stuff. All sorts of stuff. Right stuff and wrong stuff—stuff and nonsense, myth-information, and urban legends. The purpose of education is to make sense out of the nonsense...Read More

The Inside Story: Many image professionals will tell you that Conselle’s programs and materials are the finest in the image consultant industry. But at Conselle, we know it’s important to always move beyond and improve on what we offer...Read More

Upgrade and Update: With advice like this, it's no wonder that fashion is still considered vain and frivolous and an image consultant is so often maligned and avoided by the press–not trusted nor hired by the people who need us most...Read More

Dress-up Thursdays: The downtrend toward casualization is hitting all sectors of society. From the homes, schools, churches, restaurants, theaters, and of course the workplace, we're getting reports of people looking like slobs...Read More

Teen Poverty in America: We just spent several hours observing teenagers hanging out at our local mall. We came to the conclusion many teenagers in America today are living in poverty...Read More



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